Cakes To Die For

Owned and Operated by Lucie Shelton in Frederick, Md.

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This is the second cake I have made A Rocket to the Moon and they are Tim Hourtons Hot Chocolate Chocolate Cupcakes with chocolate ganache icing. A Rocket to the Moon is one of my favorite bands, and I hand made and hand painted fondant and gum paste figures which were, a gold dog tag that says “Angus” and includes a peace sign, a “wood” cornhole (the game) and blue cornhole bags, a burgundy Snakes and Suits logo, a Chipotle logo, a miniature size 11 Tom’s Shoes black and gold/yellow shoe, the Take Action Tour logo since their tour date in Baltimore was cancelled due to the Blizzard of 2010!!! haha and a Tim Hourton’s Hot Chocolate cup filled with Hot Chocolate cake and ganache and marshmellows! Check out A Rocket to the Moon on their new website at! You can also follow Nick, Halvo, Andrew and Justin on twitter and “like” them on Facebook to see photos from tour! (Including picture of cakes I’ve made them!)